Our story

The link between accurately measuring glucose levels and monitoring osmotic pressure was made in the 1970s after an incident at a regional hospital in Førde, Norway.

The son of Olav Ellingsen was admitted to the hospital with a severely swollen face and bulging eyeballs. The doctors confirmed that these symptoms came from the son’s teenage diabetes condition.

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Improving life for diabetes patients

Today people with diabetes are dependent on painful and time-consuming glucose measurement processes based on old technologies. Sencell is a revolutionary device for people with diabetes, providing functions far beyond what present day products and technology does.

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The Sencell sensor is invisible once it is injected under a person’s skin and lasts a minimum of six months without calibration required. The technology has a range of use cases and can be applied by medical professionals, people with diabetes and high-performance professionals such as professional athletes, firefighters, and soldiers.

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Working together

Lifecare work with acknowledged research and development partners across Europe.

Lifecare has historically been organised as a virtual company through outsourcing of services for key functions. At the same time, we have had a strong focus on maintaining and further developing the undisputed ownership of our unique IP.

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Public support schemes

Lifecare has received approval of public funding schemes from the Research Council of Norway and the EU.

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A Norwegian life-science company solving one of the largest medical challenges we are facing.