The Sencell sensor is invisible once it is injected under a person’s skin and is expected to last for a minimum of six months without calibration. The technology has a range of use cases and can be applied by medical professionals, people with diabetes and high-performance professionals such as professional athletes, firefighters, and soldiers.

The prototypes of Sencell were evaluated in-vitro to achieve performance data and to demonstrate the working principle. Proof of concept of the proprietary osmotic pressure sensing technology has been successfully performed in two preclinical trials in pigs in 2016 and 2017.

The results proved that the Lifecare osmotic pressure technology is able to track interstitial glucose and provide stable references.

We have achieved regulatory approval for clinical trials and plan first-in-human testing 1H 2022.

Technological roadmap

Lifecare expects substantial development progress for the Sencell Osmotic Sensor technology. The company plans additional pre-clinical and clinical trials in 2022, preparing to later initiate the CE mark approval process for the Sencell osmotic pressure sensor technology.