The technology

Lifecare develops and licenses nanotechnology for medical use, to facilitate the production and sale of medical devices. Our own miniaturized sensor technology measures changes by reading osmotic pressure variations in a small chamber. It has several use cases and can e.g. measure glucose and lactate levels by applying different chemical compositions.


The Sencell sensor will be invisible once it is injected under a person’s skin and is expected to last for a minimum of six months without calibration. The technology will have a range of use cases and can be applied by medical professionals, people with diabetes and high-performance professionals such as professional athletes, firefighters, and soldiers.

The sensor will be on the size of a grain of rice, allowing the device also to be e.g. integrated in a needle sensor.

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Sencell sensor technology will provide real-time and accurate glucose readings straight to a smart device. By reading the osmotic pressure, Sencell will be able to measure the glucose levels in the blood.

Sencell aims to be a revolutionary device for people with diabetes, providing functions far beyond what present day products and technology do.

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Sencell contains a 3D-printed nanosensor that is produced with a licensed manufacturing method called Nano3DSense. The patented Nano3DSense technology enables miniaturization of sensing system, which may be based on highly sensitive micro-electronic mechanical systems and nano-cantilevers.

Lifecare has access to the patented Nano3DSense technology, which opens significant business opportunities to develop additional nanobiosensors for other indications and medical questions.

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Lifecare Veterinary

Lifecare Veterinary is a subsidiary of Lifecare which takes the sencell technology and adapts it to the veterinary market. The mission is to deliver a new and better glucose monitoring system for animals such as dogs and cats.

The aim is to launch a final product to the animal/veterinary market, collaborating with industrial partner(s), in 2024. The timeline is dependent on, inter alia, Lifecare Veterinary receiving necessary public permissions to use and distribute the product.

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