Public support schemes

Lifecare has received approval of public funding schemes from the Research Council of Norway and the EU.

EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 – FORGETDIABETES

In collaboration with six academic and commercial partners in Italy, France and Germany, Lifecare established the “FORGETDIABETES” project in 2020. The aim is to develop an artificial and fully automated pancreas for implantation in the human abdominal cavity. The artificial pancreas should supply the user with the right amount of insulin based on continuous reading of blood sugar levels with Lifecare’s sensor technology.

The project has received a total of EUR 3.9 million, just over NOK 43 million, in support of a FET Proactive call for projects under the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, of which Lifecare receives approximately EUR 570,000, close to NOK 6.3 million. The development, implementation and testing of the technology is estimated at around 4.5 year.

The funding from Horizon 2020 is an international recognition of the innovative work Lifecare represents.

 Research Council of Norway

In 2020, the Research Council of Norway approved the development of Sencell for continuous in vivo measurement of blood glucose as a project under “SkatteFUNN” in the period 2020-2022. The Reseach Council of Norway has also approved the development of nanotechnology sensors for continuous in vivo measurement of lactate levels under the same scheme. SkatteFUNN entail the company to claim a tax deduction for relevant and documentable costs related to research and development activities in approved projects.