LIFE-ME: Lifecare has filed for Pilot Evaluation on Humans of their Sencell Osmotic Sensor Technology.

Lifecare has filed for Pilot Evaluation on Humans of their Sencell OsmoticSensor Technology.10.02.2020, OsloLifecare AS, a Norwegian life-science company, announced that they have filedfor Pilot Evaluation on Humans of their Sencell Osmotic Sensor Technology.The purpose of this clinical pilot study is to explore the performance of theSencell sensor technology in measuring interstitial glucose by means of anosmotic pressure sensing cell during a standardized meal test in healthysubjects. The Clinical Study Protocol is filed with the Ethics-Committee (InstitutionalReview Board (IRB)) and the regulatory authorities in parallel for approval ofthe human trial. This is a significant advancement in the development of thesolutions to address the diabetes epidemic. The first study in humans is thenext phase of the technology development and it enables the company to generatehuman data, earlier than expected, with the groundbreaking technology. “This is another step towards miniaturizing the Sencell Glucose Sensor,” says DrAndreas Pfützner, CSO, Lifecare. “The sensor has now been developed to a pointwhere it is already smaller than the initial targeted size. This also allows thesensing element to be put into a hypodermic needle for early tests in humansubjects.” Lifecare is developing an implantable continuous glucose sensor based on itsproprietary osmotic pressure cell technology to provide fast and reliablemeasurements of the glucose information required for acute, chronic or routinemedical care. The news about the upcoming tests comes after Lifecare announcedin Q-2 2019 that its nanosensor based technology has been shown in laboratoryexperiments to accurately measure pressure changes derived from substantiallysmaller osmotic pressure chambers than previously available. For more information please contact: Dr Andreas Pfützner Chief Scientific Officer, Lifecare+ 45 172 6296117 Rune FrisvoldChief Operating Officer, Lifecare+47