LIFE: Lifecare newsletter

Bergen, Norway 12 May 2023

Lifecare's latest updates include information of the recently finalized clinicalstudy and the presentation of study results on the upcoming American DiabetesAssociation Congress in San Diego, the company's Q1 2023 report, ISO 9001certification of Lifecare Laboratory and the progress for our plannedmanufacturing site in Mainz, Germany.

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ABOUT LIFECARELifecare AS is a clinical stage medical sensor company developing technology forsensing and monitoring of various body analytes. Lifecare's main focus is tobring the next generation of Continuous Glucose Monitoring ("CGM") systems tomarket. Lifecare enables osmotic pressure as sensing principle, combined withthe ability to manipulate Nano-granular Tunnelling Resistive sensors ("NTR") onthe sensor body for read-out of pressure variations. LifecareŽs sensortechnology is referred to as "Sencell" and is suitable for identifying andmonitoring the occurrence of a wide range of analytes and molecules in the humanbody.

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