Spotting Sencell video

March 10, 2022 we visited the bioinstrumention company GeSiM Gesellschaft fuer Silizium-Mikrosysteme mbH in Radeberg, Germany. GeSiM develops micro and nanoscale liquid handling instruments.

In the video you can see a demonstration of how the chambers in the Sencell sensor
can be filled with approximately 300 nanoliter of liquid, before glue is
applied on the housing with a precision of +/- 5 nanometer and finally the
semipermeable membrane is attached to seal the liquid filled chambers.

The capabilities and precision of the GeSiM instruments is impressive. The system
is a candidate for automating Lifecares Sencell production procedures.
Automating production is important to ensure effective volume production in the
future, so that Lifecare effectively can contribute to ease the burden for as
many people living with diabetes as possible.

Spotting Sencell @GESIM – YouTube