Proof-of-Concept Study Results presented at American Diabetes Association Scientific Session 2023

Data from Lifecare’s Clinical Development Study LFC-SEN-001 was presented at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions 2023.

Lifecare’s poster presentation reveals the study background, methods, and results. The results include an impressive mean average of absolute error (MARD) of 9,6%, positioning Lifecares’s Sencell technology with an accuracy that is acceptable for therapeutic (medical) decisions such as insulin dose adjustments. Furthermore, the study results include a consensus error grid analysis that confirms that all the 261 data points collected in the study is within zones A and B, meaning that the study results meet regulatory requirements for Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems.  

The poster presentation is available here: Sencell LFS-SEN-001 ADA 2023

On the basis of the study results and conclusion, Lifecare will evaluate the scope of the planned upcoming study LFC-SEN-002. The purpose of the study is to investigate longevity and biocompatibility in live tissue. In light of the very encouraging outcomes of study LFS-SEN-001, Lifecare will consider adjusting the planned study to take advantage of technical and strategic synergies that can lead to a shorter time to market within the broad field of glucose monitoring. 



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