Lifecare announces presentation of additional clinical data from study LFS-SEN-001

Lifecare announce today that additional clinical data from study LFS-SEN-001 will be presented at the upcoming international diabetes conference hosted by the Diabetes Technology Society.

Lifecare CSO, Professor Dr. Dr. Med. Andreas Pfützner has received an invitation to present the poster “Continuous Glucose Monitoring with an Osmotic-Pressure
Based Continuous Glucose Sensor: Results of the First Human Pilot Study” at the annual Diabetes Technology Meeting (DTM), Tuesday November 7th, 2023.

Photo: Diabetes Technology Society

The results from Lifecare’s clinical study LFS-SEN-001 were first presented at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions (ADA) in San Diego, CA,
USA, in June 2023, as a late breaking abstract. At the upcoming DTM, additional data will be presented.

The study data presented at the ADA included proof-of-concept in human tissue, as well as confirmation that Lifecare’s CGM system Sencell has a solid clinical
accuracy: the mean average of absolute error (MARD) value was calculated to 9,6%.

In context, regulatory authorities expect a MARD below 10% to acknowledge CGM for therapeutic (medical) decisions such as insulin dose adjustments. In
comparison, the MARD of glucose measurements in capillary blood (Blood Glucose Monitoring – BGM), representing the gold standard for patient self-monitoring of
glucose, are in the range 5-10%.

The Sencell MARD confirms previous communication from Lifecare that the system is at least as accurate as commercially available CGM systems. At the current
development stage, the sensor sensitivity and algorithm development provide accuracy far better than expected.