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Business presentation at LSX 2022

The LSX Nordic Congress is the leading senior executive strategy, investment and partnering conference for the Nordic region and took place in Copenhagen in September. – We register an increasing interest for the company on the Nordic investor scene, states CEO Joacim Holter.


– After a long period of pandemic, it was a pleasure to present Lifecare’s innovative solutions at a recognized congress like this, says Holter. The congress aims to connect life science and healthcare industry leaders with international investment and strategic partners to further the growth, development and internationalisation of Nordic life science and healthcare innovation.

The two-day congress brought together 400 participants and more than 150 investors. The whole mission of the LSX congress is to facilitate ever greater international investment into the Nordic region, as well as foster strategic partnerships and collaboration with international healthcare stakeholders.

CEO Joacim Holter presented the technology, development plan, forward looking expectations and the investment history. The Lifecare team conducted several 1:1 meetings during the conference.

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Lifecare mentioned in media



Allgemeine Zeitung in Mainz wrote an article earlier in September about the letter of intent Lifecare has signed with the innovation park Mainz GmbH for around 1,000 square meters of laboratory and office space on the ground floor.

The article describes what was crucial decisive factors for Lifecare related to locate the production facility to Mainz and Germany. The very initiative from the city of Mainz to build the innovation park coinciding with the obvious associated locational advantages is highlighted. Furthermore it describes that the construction plans and the geological soil conditions meet Lifecare’s need for ground stability due to the sensitivity of our instruments and highly innovative technologies.
According to CSO Prof. Andreas Pfützner, the proximity to the planned biotech hub was of secondary importance. However, it is hoped that the settlement of further companies with similar goals in the neighborhood will result in options for future cooperation.

Bergen Tidende has also written an article about emerging medical technology companies.

Lifecare is mentioned in the article as one of five promising companies contributing within healthcare technology.

CSO Prof. Andreas Pfützner is quoted: – The hope is that the sensor will be approved for medical use during 2023, and that they can start selling it in 2024.

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Lifecare Continous Glucose Monitoring Technology Animation

In a brand new animation video we explain how our sensor works.

At Lifecare we have developed an implantable sensor based on nanotechnology for correct and continuous monitoring of glucose.
We believe people with diabetes deserve better than current devices. Today, people with diabetes are dependent on painful and time-consuming glucose measurement procedures based on a more than 50-year-old technology.
Our aim is to help people with diabetes to live a normal life enabled by a glucose sensor at the size of a grain of rice – called Sencell – that continuously measures glucose levels for far longer time periods than currently existing devices.


Updated business presentation

Please see Lifecare´s updated business presentation.



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If you missed last weeks highlight:

Interim data analysis of the first in-human study show that Lifecare’s sensor is able to monitor glucose variations

Conducting clinical trials on humans is a significant step towards Lifecare’s goal of contributing to helping people with diabetes to live a normal life. 


The primary purpose of the ongoing study is to provide proof-of-concept confirmation for glucose measurement in humans.

The data points collected from the early readout in the study show that our sensor is able to follow glucose variations in humans. Consequently, we will continue the pilot study based on these encouraging data.

Lifecare Chief Executive Officer Joacim Holter comments: “This is a major achievement in our development and an important preparation to further improve the device specifications considering the planned clinical studies for CE approval.”

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