Information from Lifecare – February 2022

Following the restructuring of Lifecare including the acquisition of the two operational German subsidiaries Lifecare NanoBioSensors and Lifecare Laboratories, the Lifecare Board of Directors, management, and key personnel have conducted an inspiring and productive workshop in Mainz, Germany. Due to a current high demand for Covid PCR testing, Lifecare Laboratories experiences an extraordinarily high activity level, generating revenue, while Lifecare NanoBioSensors has increased its operational capacity. We are planning for additional expansion of employees at our Norwegian headquarter and our planned technical pathway stays unchanged.


R&D and strategy workshop

As the European travel restrictions has eased, Lifecare’s Board of Directors, management and key personnel finally had the chance to gather in person in Mainz at the Lifecare Laboratories in the last week of February. In addition to summoning a Board-meeting, a technology workshop and strategy seminar was conducted.

Lifecare’s Directors and administration includes expertise within medicine, diabetes technology, biochemistry and medical device development, the external experts Prof. Michael Huth (University of Frankfurt) and Prof. Tony James (University of Bath) was invited to contribute with extensive knowledge within respectively Focused Electron Beam Induced Depositions and Chemistry. Based on a broad interdisciplinary approach, the Lifecare Directors was able to evaluate the company’s status in-depth, both technologically and strategically. Lifecare’s Directors and management are highly focused and dedicated to ensuring that we are on schedule and according to expectations.


Lifecare Laboratories – busy start of 2022

Lifecare Laboratories in Mainz is accredited for analyzing covid tests (PCR) remunerated by the federal government. The public need for covid-testing has exploded in early 2022, and the laboratory is working with the highest possible capacity to meet the public needs. This situation has led to earnings with a stipulated gross revenue from the covid testing alone in January and February of more than EUR 70.000. This extraordinary situation is expected to decrease throughout March.


Open position – Product Development Manager

Lifecare continues to strengthen the overall team as Dr. Preeti Sharma now has joined the team as a scientist in Lifecare NanoBioSensors in Reutlingen, Germany.

We are now looking for a Product Development Manager to oversee product development and initial preparations for production, including responsibility for implementation and follow-up of the Quality Management System and coordinate the operations in close collaboration with the CSO.


The job-description and advertisment can be found here:


Staying calm and carrying on

Two years into the pandemic a wide set of disruptions has led to an overall experience in adopting to various regulations, often limiting for operations in a global or regional perspective. Markets and industries have faced interferences and supply chain challenges. In general, the two major disruptions in Europe are currently related to labor interference due to the Omnicron Variant and the geopolitical situation in the east. The overall situation is unclear for most of us, Lifecare included.

In this situation it is important for Lifecare to communicate that our aim to initiate the milestone first-in-human trials within 1H 2022 still is valid. The disturbances Lifecare has experienced related to the pandemic has been in a nature that we have been able to adjust to, we are continuously working on securing the line of supplies as well as looking for alternative suppliers.