Lifecare – clearification regarding core technology 13.10.20

Following the value decrease of the Lifecare (LIFE-ME) share at Oslo StockExchange/Merkur Market Monday 12 October 2020 the company has received questionsfrom shareholders and wants to clarify: There are no changes in relation to Lifecare’s patented core sensor technology,Sencell, either alone or in relation to our partners Digital Diagnostics AG orthe project FORGETDIABETES. On the 3rd of October 2020, Lifecare announced that FORGETDIABETES received EUR3.9 million, just over NOK 43 million, from a FET-Proactive announcement fordevelopment of a bionic invisible pancreas under the EU funding programme forresearch and innovation, Horizon 2020. The funds are partitioned on the sevenparties in Italy, Germany and France, where Lifecare received EUR 570,000, closeto NOK 6.3 million.On the 25th of August 2020, Lifecare announced that Digital Diagnostics hadreceived approval for clinical tests related to the Cantisense rapid test forCovid-19, from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) inGermany. Digital Diagnostics have informed Lifecare that the clinical trialsoriginally expected to be finalized in October 2020, are delayed due to delaysin the set-up of the device production. The clinical trials are expected to takeplace early 2021. About LifecareLifecare (LIFE-ME) is a Bergen-based technology company developing a miniaturesensor for correct and continuous monitoring of diabetics’ blood sugar. Itspatented technology is also used as a central component in a rapid test forCovid-19 and as a measurement unit for reading out different biomarkers.For more information, please contact:Joacim HolterCEO, 40 05 90 40