Lifecare A/S (LIFE-ME) presented data at International Conference on Advanced Technology and Treatments fo …(Note: This headline has been truncated)

At the 13th International Conference on Advanced Technology and Treatments forDiabetes (ATTD) in Madrid, a key event for global scientist, leading healthcareprofessionals and life science decision makers, Lifecare A/S (LIFE-ME) presenteda poster on its advances in the development of the Sencell Continuous Glucosemonitor.The poster with the title “Miniaturization of an Osmotic Pressure BasedInjectable Glucose Sensor” highlighted the planned device evolution and theaccuracy of the employed 3D nanosensor technology measurement system. The datashows that the Sencell technology probably employs the smallest MEMS basedpressure sensor in the world, with a reliable reproducibility of measurementresults and a pressure resolution, which should lead to a resolution of glucosedifferences higher than CGM-devices currently on the market. The data presentedwas well received by the scientific community.Lifecare A/S (LIFE-ME) is developing an implantable sensor for continuousglucose monitoring in the interstitial fluid. Proof of concept of theproprietary osmotic pressure sensing technology has been successfully performedin preclinical trials and the company is now continuing the development of asensor prototype suitable for first human clinical experiments. The poster is published at