LIFE: Update on Clinical Development Study

The Clinical Development Study with the Sencell sensor will continue for a fewmore weeks. - We operate complex and pioneering sensor technology and strive to ensure highquality at all stages of the process. We therefore want to extend the ClinicalDevelopment Study by a few weeks more than previously communicated, says CEOJoacim Holter. The sensors we use in the study are handmade in our laboratory in Reutlingen,Germany. This is of course time-consuming work, due to the small size of thesensors and our quality focus. In the future, the sensors will of course bemechanically produced in a streamlined manner. In February, Lifecare announced that sensors used in a three-day clinical studycontinue to work in an in vitro set up. This confirms the expectation of asensor longevity that far exceeds the lifetime of existing and commerciallyavailable needle sensors for glucose monitoring. The company reported thatsensors used in a three-day clinical study continue to work in an in vitro setup, showing an operational longevity for a total of 4 weeks and are stillongoing.

This stock exchange announcement was published by Joacim Holter, CEO at LifecareAS, on 31.3.23 at 06:00 AM CET.