LIFE: The European Patent Office issues a new Lifecare patent

Bergen, Norway, March 21st, 2024: Today, Lifecare AS (LIFE), a clinical stage medical sensor company developing the next generation Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), announces that the European Patent Office (EPO) has notified that they will grant for a new patent to Lifecare.

Reference is made to stock exchange notification November 8th, 2023, that EPO intended to grant Lifecare a new patent. After final review this grant was expected to be announced within 6 months.

The patent relates to chemistry compositions and method for preparing the composition and use, specifically Lifecare’s proprietary fluid composition reactive to glucose. This active fluid enables monitoring of glucose in Lifecares miniaturized sensor-technology, buy the means of osmotic pressure as the sensing principle, affecting and improving:

  • sensor lifetime; due to high liquid stability
  • measurement response asymmetry; because the viscosity is mainly independent of the glucose concentration,
  • measurement sensitivity; due to optimal concentration and choice of compounds.

Considering existing and granted patents for Lifecare’s sensor technology, CEO of Lifecare, Joacim Holter, comments that this will strengthen our commercial position for accurate and continuous monitoring of glucose, for people and pets with diabetes.

Lifecare applied for this patent in 2018 and after EPO’s granting, it will strengthen the company’s technology protection until 2037. Detecting glucose by the principle of osmotic pressure holds promise of a glucose sensingtechnology that is suitable for both miniaturization and long-term continuous monitoring in vivo without causing patient discomfort or reducing quality of life.

– Existing continuous glucose measurement technologies are inconvenient, complicated, costly, and have limited lifetime. The Sencell system together with the active fluid composition according to the invention has advantageous effect on sensor lifetime, measurement response time, and measurement sensitivity, says Lifecare CSO, Prof. Dr. Dr. Med. Andreas Pfützner.