LIFE: The European Patent Office intends to issue new Lifecare patent

25 March 2021, Bergen - Today, Lifecare announces that The European PatentOffice has issued its intent to grant Lifecare a new patent, expandingLifecare's patent protection in time and scope. Lifecare has reviewed theexamining division's comments to the patent application and concludes that thesuggested cosmetic changes are acceptable. On this base, Lifecare expects theEuropean Patent Office to grant the patent within the next few months.

The new patent will ensure protection until 2038. It will be a fundamentaladdition to Lifecare's IP and an important next step from Lifecare's researchand development to commercialization.

The patent is for an updated sensor measuring system comprised of the well-knownand already proprietary osmotic pressure based Sencell core technology forglucose, and an additional reference sensor to measure environmentally inducedgeneral pressure changes. The patent is for Lifecare's application of"interstitial fluid osmotic pressure measuring device system and method."

"This European patent will strengthen our position for correct and continuousmonitoring of blood sugar, in people with diabetes, through the development of aminiature sensor. The patent covers Lifecare's Sencell technology in the sensor,which is the size of a grain of rice, that will be used in the recently approvedhuman pilot studies," says Joacim Holter, CEO Lifecare. "Existing continuousglucose measurement technologies are inconvenient, complicated, costly, and havelimited lifetime. The sensor design described in our new patent intends toimprove signal amplitude, increase the accuracy of subcutaneous glucoseassessment, and to improve sensor longevity and robustness against environmentalchanges."

Patent broadens the scope and application of the Sencell technologyThe patent opens up the opportunities to expand the use of the Sencelltechnology. It will increase the scope of protection to include measurement ofmany parameters in the interstitial fluid, including but not limited to lactate,fructose, and calcium, in addition to glucose.

"This new patent substantially strengthens the protection of Lifecare's coreSencell technology," says Prof. Andreas Pfützner, Lifecare's Chief ScientificOfficer and one of the inventors of the new patent. "The patent covers anessential part of the sensor design, which will be important when we start touse Sencell for additional analysis, beyond glucose, in the future."

About LifecareLifecare (LIFE-ME) is a Bergen-based technology company developing a miniaturesensor for correct and continuous monitoring of blood sugar in people withdiabetes. Its patented technology is also used as a central component in a rapidtest for Covid-19 and as a measurement unit for reading out differentbiomarkers.

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