LIFE: The European Patent Office grants new Lifecare patent

Bergen, Norway 03.08.21

The European Patent Office (EPO) has as expected decided to grant Lifecare a newpatent for an updated sensor measuring system. The now approved patent expandsLifecare's protection in time and scope.

As announced in Lifecare's press release 25.03.21, the EPO by then intended togrant this patent, about an "interstitial fluid osmotic pressure measuringdevice system and method". This protection is now confirmed and ensured until2038. The new patent represents a fundamental addition to Lifecare's IP and animportant next step utilizing the Sencell technology from research anddevelopment to a broader commercialization. The sensor design described in thenew patent intends to improve signal amplitude, increase the accuracy ofsubcutaneous glucose assessment, and to improve sensor longevity and robustnessagainst environmental interferences. This new sensor version is also suitablefor measurement of other analytes, in addition to glucose.

"As mentioned in March, this European patent will strengthen our position forcorrect and continuous monitoring of blood sugar, in people with diabetes. Inaddition, a scope of other analytes useful in both a medical and lifestyleperspective can now be realized. The updated system, which has the size of agrain of rice, will be used in our upcoming human pilot studies already approvedby German regulatory authorities," says Joacim Holter, CEO Lifecare

Patent broadens the scope and application of the Sencell technology

"The patent opens the opportunities to expand the use of the Sencelltechnology." Says Prof. Andreas Pfützner, Lifecare's Chief Scientific Officerand one of the patent inventors. "It increases the scope of protection toinclude measurement of many parameters in the interstitial fluid, including butnot limited to lactate, fructose, and calcium and many other biomarkers."

This is LifecareLifecare is a Bergen-based technology company developing a miniaturizedimplantable long-term sensor for correct and continuous monitoring of bloodsugar in people with diabetes. The company's patented technology also has thepotential for use in various biomarkers. Lifecare AS (Ltd.) is listed onEuronext Growth (LIFE).

Further informationJoacim Holter, CEO, Lifecare AS,, +47 40 05 90 40

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