LIFE: Poster presentations at ATTD 2024 in Firenze

Today starts the 17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2024) in Firenze. Lifecare will be represented at the conference and have been accepted to present three poster presentations.

ATTD is a leading international diabetes technology forum where clinicians, diabetes care providers, researchers, industries, start-up, investors, reimbursement authorities, regulators and people with diabetes, assemble with the goal to ameliorate the care of people with diabetes at the fastest possible pace.

– I am very humbled to be invited to this conference once again. This is undeniably a very attractive arena to present our innovative diabetes technology, says the CSO Prof. Andreas Pfützner at Lifecare. During the ATTD in Italy he will present no less than three poster presentations.

The first presentation is about last year’s first human pilot study of the Sencell sensor. In addition, Lifecare has developed an in-vitro test method to continuously and dynamically investigate potential interferents. Little is known regarding the potential interference of drugs or nutritional substances on commercially available CGM sensors. In this matter Prof. Dr. Dr. Pfützner will present two of Lifecare’s testing results on dynamic interference. One presentation regarding the Libre 3 continuous glucose monitoring device in comparison to Libre 2 and one presentation about the Dexcom G7 continuous monitoring device in comparison to Dexcom G6.

– Naturally, there is recognition for being present in such a forum, but it also comes as a result of growing interests for our sensor technology. We pursue a groundbreaking product development. Last year’s progress due to proof of concept and accuracy of the Sencell and the longevity experiment that concluded with six months operational lifetime, obviously creates a certain curiosity, says Pfützner.

– At the conference in Firenze, we have the opportunity to meet an audience that includes diabetes technology experts and other leading scientists such as clinicians active in the field of endocrinology and metabolism, pediatrics and family medicine, as well as scientists working in pharmaceutical and medicinal product companies. They come from all over the world, from industry, academia and primary care institutions, states Pfützner.

The purpose of the ATTD meeting is to highlight innovative technologies and treatments in diabetes management. It assembles developers of new technologies with diabetes care professionals and caretakers, researchers, industries, startup companies, investors, reimbursement authorities and regulators, as well as people with diabetes. Distinguished international professionals discuss and disseminate information on the latest technologies and treatments in our field.