LIFE: Placing purchase order for cleanroom

Bergen, Norway, 5 March 2024: Lifecare AS (LIFE), a clinical stage medical sensor company developing the next generation Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), can disclose that Lifecare has placed the purchase order for a cleanroom.

Reference is made to Lifecare’s list of trigger events, as presented at the semi-annual report of August 20th, 2023 and later investor communication. The launch of an automated production line by end of Q2 2024 is set as a major milestone.

– The cleanroom is now purchased as another step toward the company’s upcoming automated pilot production. The cleanroom will be delivered and installed in Q2 2024, says CEO Joacim Holter.

Cleanrooms are always required where the airborne particles are likely to contaminate the final product.  Lifecare’s cleanroom, which holds an ISO 7 standard, will ensure that the airborne particles are maintained at a very low concentration to not interfere with crucial functions of sensor components during sensor manufacturing. The sensor components consist of micro and nano technologies sensitive to particles. The airborne particles could potentially impact the functionality of the sensor by blocking the nano filtration layers and subsequent flow of the substances in and out of sensor cavities.

The cleanroom was planned and designed in 2023 by evaluation of various process maps of Lifecare’s automated manufacturing equipment and is another step toward the product launch in the veterinary market.

In recent months, Lifecare has made strategically important purchases of production equipment. A purchase order has been made for Scanning Electron Microscope from the German company Carl Zeiss AG and software from the same supplier. In addition, a purchase order has been placed for a BioScaffolder (“BS 3.3) and a customized Nano-Plotter (“NP 2.1”) from the German supplier GeSiM mbH. Both suppliers of this cornerstone equipment have confirmed delivery in Q2 2024.

– This is the last important investment to facilitate automated pilot production in the next quarter. All the equipment will now arrive in Q2 within the deadlines, says CEO Joacim Holter.