LIFE: Notofication of trade by party closely related to primary insider

Bergen, Norway, December 15th, 2023. Islay Ventures GmbH (“IV”) a company wholly owned and controlled by Lifecare CSO Prof. Dr. Dr. Med Andreas Pfützner, has today reported to have sold 320,800 shares in the Company at an average price of NOK 3.476. The transaction represents 12,24% of IV’s original holding.

After the transaction IV owns 2.299.699 shares in Lifecare, and IV has accepted a lock-up period of 12 months for the remaining holdling. In addition to the indirect holding through IV, Prof. Pfützner is allocated 1.048.058 share options in Lifecare.

The transaction is related to financial needs due to a restructuring of IV and its subsidiaries, including transforming Prof. Pfützner’s relationship to Lifecare from a consultancy agreement to traditional employment with effect from January 1st, 2024.