LIFE-ME: Lifecare tests groundbreaking technology to analyze human data and strengthens core team

Lifecare tests groundbreaking technology to analyze human data and strengthenscore team29.11.2019, Oslo – Today Lifecare AS, a Norwegian life-science company,announced that they are getting ready to test their sensing technology on humandata. This is a significant advancement in the development of the solutions toaddress the diabetes epidemic. Lifecare AS researches and develops miniature sensors for convenient glucosemonitoring for a global market. The testing is the next phase of the developmentof the technology and it enables the company to generate human data, earlierthan expected, with the groundbreaking technology. “This is another step towards miniaturizing the Sencell Glucose Sensor,” says DrAndreas Pfûtzner, CSO, Lifecare. “The sensor has now been developed to a pointwhere it is already smaller than the initial targeted size. This allows thesensing element to be put into a hypodermic needle. A needle sensor will alsorepresent an additional product opportunity. We are proud that we are now ableto start the testing after initiating the regulatory process for the firstclinical study.” Lifecare is developing an implantable continuous glucose sensor based on itsproprietary osmotic pressure cell technology. The news about the upcoming testscomes after Lifecare announced in April 2019 that its nanosensor technology hasbeen shown in laboratory experiments to accurately measure pressure changesderived from substantially smaller osmotic pressure chambers than previouslyavailable. Strengthening core teamIn this process, Lifecare has increased its team with two talented newcolleagues; Dr. Konstantin Kloppstech, a world leading expert insensor-technology and former Head of Technology at cantiMED, and Dr. FrankFlacke, the former Medical Director Devices in the global CVD division ofSanofi. Both have now joined Lifecare’s core team and are together spearheadingthe sensor development. Kloppstech and Flacke have purchased shares in Lifecarefrom the Chairman of the Board, Christian Saure – please see separate pressrelease.