LIFE-ME: Lifecare AS (LIFE-ME) – Increase of share capital following exercise of share option program and share sale by close associate to primary insider

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement by Lifecare AS (theCompany) August 6th, 2020 regarding the exercise of 325.826 share options with astrike price of NOK 0,40 per share option, by Islay Venture GmbH - a companycontrolled by the Company CSO Prof. Dr. Dr. med Andreas Pfützner. Based on authorization granted by the Company extraordinary general meeting July30th, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Company has resolved to issue 325.826new shares for an aggregated subscription price of NOK 130.330,40, correspondingto a strike price of NOK 0,40 per share. Following the issuance of the newshares, the Company will have 81.278.170 shares outstanding, each with a nominalvalue of NOK 0,40. Total share capital of the Company will be NOK 32.511.268. Islay Venture GmbH has sold 50.000 shares at an average price of NOK 5,40,whereafter Islay Venture GmbH hold a total of 853.951 shares in Lifecare ASFor more information, please contact:Joacim HolterCEO, 40 05 90 40