LIFE: Lifecare ASA has filed application for a new patent

Bergen, Norway, June 4th, 2024: Today, Lifecare ASA (LIFE), a clinical stage medical sensor company developing the next generation Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), announces that the company has filed an application for a new patent to the European Patent Office (EPO).

Reference is made to previous communication of the potential of the sensor technology beyond glucose measurements, which the company focuses on today. For use in Lifecare’s already patented and proprietary technology utilizing osmotic pressure as glucose sensor principle, the Company has developed a new conceptual chemistry composition including modular receptor molecules for detection of a wide range of diseases or conditions.

The chemistry invention comprises different receptors (cellular, biological, artificial and synthesized, oligonucleotides, inorganic receptor layers or the like) to induce changes in the osmotic pressure. The purpose of the invention is to identify and/or monitor diseases or conditions of acute or chronic disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, infections, immune diseases or the like, in addition to Lifecare’s primary focus on diabetes.

The patent-filing indicates that Lifecare is developing towards a broader reach as a sensor company, beyond monitoring of glucose. While the Company’s focused mission is to provide better solutions for people with diabetes, the patent-filing is very much aligned with Lifecare’s main goal to improve lives through medical technology. The patent-filing is a confirmation of the ambitions as a sensor company based on a platform technology applicable to identify and/or monitor a broad range of diseases or conditions of acute or chronic disorders.

The development is a result of innovative research and development at Lifecare Chemistry Ltd. (Bristol, UK), a fully owned subsidiary of Lifecare ASA. Lifecare Chemistry was established in 2022 as a development unit with the main task to improve the chemistry compositions for glucose detection, in particular the sensing sensitivity, and to accelerate Lifecare’s intention to develop a modular system for detection and/or monitoring of various analytes beyond glucose. The subsidiary is led by Dr. Jordan Edward Gardiner, while Professor Tony James at the University of Bath acts as an important expert consultant in chemistry development.

-It is an important achievement for Lifecare to file this patent application. We are strongly committed to bringing our Continuous Glucose Monitor to the veterinary and human market. In addition, we believe that our sensor principle and sensor hardware have great opportunities beyond glucose monitoring, and we must ensure appropriate protection of this broad potential. The new innovation is expected to both, further improvement of our glucose measurement capacities, as well as being a door opener for measurements in other areas with high commercial interest, says CEO Joacim Holter at Lifecare ASA.

Previously granted patent from EPO:
March 21st, 2024, Lifecare announced that EPO had granted a new patent to Lifecare. The patent was related to chemistry compositions and method for preparing the composition and use, specifically of Lifecare’s original and proprietary fluid composition reactive to glucose. This active fluid enables monitoring of glucose in Lifecares miniaturized sensor-technology, by the means of osmotic pressure as the sensing principle and is improving:

  • sensor lifetime
  • measurement response time
  • measurement sensitivity