Lifecare AS prolongs and amplifies collaboration with Bath University.

Lifecare is happy to announce that the collaboration with the Chemistry Department of Bath University, UK, has been prolonged and further amplified. This will ensure mutual beneficiary progress on the development of proprietary specific chemistry solutions for detection of glucose and additional analytes of interest based on the Sencell technology.

In addition, Lifecare has directly engaged, Dr. Jordan Edward Gardiner as a consultant. Dr. Jordan Edward Gardiner is the scientist responsible for the Lifecare developments at Bath University under the guidance of Prof. Tony James, a worldwide leading expert in organic sensor chemistry development.

The collaboration between Lifecare and Prof. Tony James research group has so far resulted in significant improvements in sensitivity and specificity of the chemistry composition for glucose detection used in Lifecares core and proprietary Sencell technology for diabetes management.

The European Patent Office recently communicated its intention to issue a new patent for Lifecares improved system for the osmotic pressure based Sencell technology ( The expected patent will increase the scope of protection until 2038 and broaden the technology scope to include detection of several parameters in the interstitial fluid. Based on the prolonged and amplified collaboration, Lifecare expect to develop effective chemical compositions suitable for exploiting additional commercial opportunities for the Sencell technology, in addition to the core field of diabetes management.

“With this step, we ensure that the scope of Lifecares Sencell sensor development expands from glucose alone to other analytes, such as but not limited to lactate, fructose, and calcium”, says Joacim Holter Lifecare’s CEO. “This will help to collect complementary information for understanding the user’s metabolism and ultimately providing personalized guidance to maintain better glucose control and improve general health”.

This is Lifecare

Lifecare (LIFE) is a Bergen-based technology company developing a miniaturized implantable long-term sensor for correct and continuous monitoring of blood sugar in people with diabetes. The company’s patented technology also has the potential for use in various biomarkers.

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Joacim Holter, CEO, Lifecare AS, +47 40 05 90 40

This stock exchange announcement was published by Kine Hereid, InvestorRelations at Lifecare AS, on 22 June, 2021 at 08:15 CET.