Information from Lifecare – April 2022

Demonstration of nano-scale dispensing of biochemical solutions on the Sencell chip and an article in the Norwegian Technical Weekly. Upcoming events and an operational update.  Read more below:


Nanofluidics and assembly

The Sencell Glucose sensor is based on a pre-produced silicon chip where Lifecare in the first step applies nano-scale pressure sensors and microelectronics. The second step includes filling the two cavities of the chip with our proprietary reactive biochemical solution in the one cavity and saline solution in the reference cavity, whereafter the two cavities are sealed with the semipermeable membrane that will allow glucose to diffuse in and out of the two chambers in the measurement process.

The precision and efficacy of dispensing the solutions in the cavities is complex, as the dispensing volume is limited to approximately 300 nanoliters per cavity – in other words 0.0003 milliliter per cavity. It goes without saying that the consequent reproducibility of the precision dispensing and sealing is very important preparing for both the first -in-human testing and looking ahead to additional clinical trials and ultimately volume production.

A demonstration of how the precision process dispensing 300 nanoliters of solution in each of the Sencell sensor cavities, application of glue with a precision of +/- 5 nanometer, and finally sealing the cavities by applying a membrane on top can be seen on this Sencell demonstration video

The demonstration was executed by the German bioinstrumentation company GeSiM Gesellschaft für Silizium-Microsysteme mbH.


Article in the Norwegian Technical Weekly Magazine

The Norwegian Technical Weekly Magazine has published an article about Lifecare explaining the Sencell technology in Norwegian. You can read the article here:

Sencell device

Sencell device

Photo: Odd Richard Valmot, Teknisk Ukeblad


Upcoming events

Lifecare will publish the annual report including accounts for 2021 on 21 April 2022 and the Annual General Meeting will be summoned 6 May 2022.

Lifecare will host a webcast 21 April 2022 providing an update from Q4 2021 and the annual report. In this event Lifecare will also present the company’s calculated future revenue potential along with the business model’s market assumptions related to the Sencell Glucose technology.


Operational activities

The operational activities in the Lifecare Group are ongoing and we have throughout the last month not experienced disruptions related to neither the geopolitical tension in Europe nor the still ongoing pandemic. We have no reason to expect such disruptions in the short timeframe, however the potential longer terms effects are still unclear.


Our aim to initiate the milestone first-in-human trials within 1H 2022 remains unchanged.


Lifecare Laboratory

German healthcare authorities recently adjusted the effective period for providing free-of-charge rapid antigen tests to the general population and prolonged it from end of March to end of May. The public need for consecutive PCR-covid-test following a positive antigen test result is still high in the Rheinland-Pfalz area leading to a continuous increased demand for PCR-analyses at Lifecare Laboratory leading to extraordinary revenues. This extraordinary gross revenue for covid PCR testing in January and February has been concluded to more than 90.000 EUR, while the filing to the federal remuneration scheme in March indicates a gross revenue of more than 140.000 EUR. It is reasonable to consider March as the peak month and Lifecare Laboratoy expects that the demand will decrease going forward.


Lifecares Controller and head of Investor Relations Kine Hereid has been recruited to a new position and has decided to pursuit this new opportunity. “Kine has contributed to a solid base for the Lifecare Group, and we wish her the best”, says CEO Joacim Holter.